Hobety Professional has consolidated in the market as a recognized company for excellence in manufacturing products in the cosmetic segment, which are evaluated on customer shopping experience, from the packaging to the final result of the product and its replacement. The company stands out for constant product launches: new lines, packaging redesign, improvement of formulations, etc. This has been done having only the client on mind, so the consumers stand concomitantly with global segment innovations. The factory is located in Itapira-SP and is suitable as the legal requirements of the segment, as well as skilled labor and latest machines, all to provide quality products to customers. The hair says a lot about each person, and the Hobety Professional has the highest goal, to be together with their customers in the certainty that beauty is a power to be revealed every day and knowing yourself is part of the complete happiness.


Develop, produce and market cosmetics for hair, serving the public through the creative expression of beauty professionals from all over Latin America. The Hobety Professional cherishes the exclusive marketing professional hairdresser, not acting in the e-commerce and/or retail segments.


Seeing the cosmetic market as a segment which is more than the simple expression of vanity, Hobety Professional is primarily intended to provide an experience of beauty that has a transformative power over the trust and esteem of its customers.


Dedication and commitment to create, manage, innovate and generate gains to all involved, from manufacturing to the consumer.